About Mrs. DePalma
My name is Cynthia DePalma. I have been an educator in public schools in urban, suburban and rural schools in various districts for nearly 20 years. I have taught grades Pre-kindergarten through 5th grade as a classroom teacher, and Gifted and Talented classes for almost 10 years.

I have a highly gifted son. Even though I had been a teacher for a while, and although  I thought my son was bright and extremely quirky, I was quite surprised when he blew the lid off the CogAT! This changed the way I looked at Gifted Education. Now it was my child who was disengaging from school due to a lack of challenge. Suddenly, I was THAT parent, lurking in the halls, demanding special treatment for my son. 

But it wasn't special treatment. It was what he deserved. Every child should be challenged. Every child should LEARN something at school.

As I fought this battle, I had my daughter (7 years later!). She is highly advanced developmentally, and I knew that I needed to get educated before my son lost interest in learning and well before my daughter hit school.

Educational Background

After a great deal of trying many new things, I finally attained a BA in French with minors in History and Anthropology from the University of Oklahoma. As part of this program, I attended the Cours de civilisation française de la Sorbonne in Paris, and earned a Certificat de Langue Francaise.

I have a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Gifted Education from Oklahoma State University. This is the only M.S. Program in Gifted Education in Oklahoma, and the highly rigorous, research-based classes have given me proficiency in the Teaching Standards outlined by the National Association for Gifted Children.

Currently I am pursuing a doctorate in Curriculum, Instruction and Leadership with an emphasis in Gifted Education from Northeastern University in Boston. I should finish the program in 2018.


I am married to Dan, an artist and art teacher. I have a son, Kit, who is in Middle school, and a daughter, Evie, who is a first year Einstein. We have three rescue cats (Hannah, Chloe and Rory) and a rescue dog (Ollie). I love finding things to be enthusiastic about, trying new local eateries, and anything made with dark chocolate.

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